Mission and Vision

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.

Arthur C. Clarke

Technology is moving faster than we can keep up with. There are many questions and uncertainties. Important to keep in mind is that technology like the WWW is here to work for us- not against us. Without action, we could see tools such as the Internet fail due to misuse and fear of the potential.

The goal of the NAIC is to bridge the ever-encroaching digital divides.


Promoting an Internet that is safe, accessible, and user friendly with quality content (in areas like education, health, skill and social development) that serves minorities.


The WWW is one technology that transcends boundaries. People use the Internet for selling, for community purposes and more; this usage transcends international boundaries. The Internet and WWW could benefit minorities in more ways than imaginable.  I have elucidated this in my own theory- the Relevance Factor– an action theory that describes the necessity for an Internet strategy focused on appropriate application in hardware, software, and training that truly serves unique communities and the NGOs serving them.

The Internet needs to push positivity- more opportunities for minorities to thrive. With this, the WWW will reach its real potential and the Internet will succeed as a technology that brings the world together rather manufacture divisiveness. Only from close scrutiny, support, and examination is this possible.  The best place to start is our backyard and refocus on how the Internet might better serve North America.